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What is Slow Living?

What is Slow Living?

Slow living is a mindset

Slow living is a mindset whereby you curate a more meaningful and conscious lifestyle that’s in line with what you value most in life.

By slowing down and intentionally placing your true values at the heart of your lifestyle, a slow living mindset encourages you to live in self-awareness and make conscious, purposeful decisions for the benefit of your own well-being and that of the planet. 

Slow living means living better, not faster. It denies that being busy equates to being successful or important, both at work and in your free time. It disputes the phrase ‘I’m too busy’ and recognizes that to make more time for what you truly enjoy or for more self-care, sometimes, something else has to give.

It means slowing down to switch off auto-pilot and instead tune into yourself and others. It means living with intent and not striving to keep up with the Joneses or living up to someone else’s idea of success.

Common misconceptions about slow living

Slow living isn’t about living life at a snail’s pace. It’s about assigning the right amount of time to each task or activity.

Slow living isn’t just for those who live in the country. Slow living is a mindset for everyone, whether your home is in a bustling capital city or a hamlet.

Slow living isn’t at odds with being successful or productive. Rather, it’s about living up to your own idea of success and prioritising what’s most important to you.

Slow living doesn’t mean going tech-free. It means ensuring technology is serving us, not distracting us, and acknowledges the need for screen downtime in the digital age.


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